March Madness Quickly Approaching!!

One of our largest and most exciting competitions is quickly approaching- March Madness!!  We can’t wait to see the match-ups and raffle items, it gets crazier every year and we would love your feedback, what do you think should be included in the raffle this year?  Submit your ideas HERE!!

Zach Hart Agency Annual Party

The Zach Hart Agency had a great time celebrating for our annual party on January 13th!!  We had a ton to celebrate at the most beautiful event we have had so far thanks to Corrie Hart and her team of decorators!!

In 2017 we:

  • Beat our best year for the 3rd Year in a row.  We have had growth every year since Zach moved to Michigan!!
  • Beat all time company records at all levels both weekly and monthly.  Top Entry Level Manager, Top Mid Level Manager, Top Executive and Top Regional Manager records are ALL FROM OUR AGENCY.
  • Had a lot of fun and made a LOT of money!!

Congratulations to our tops of the year:

  • Top Entry Level Manager: Joe Gojcaj
  • Top Mid Level Manager: Jeff Hudson
  • Top Executive: Mark Dushaj
  • Top Regional Manager: Ryan Fickert
  • Top PRoducer: Scott Florin

Also wanted to give a shoutout to our newly promoted managers!!

New Entry Level Managers

  • Rick Sparkman
  • Christian Gojcaj
  • Nick Gojcaj
  • Keith Williams
  • Aleksander Prela
  • Brittany Luke
  • Trevor Fudge

New Mid Level Managers

  • Aaron Patt
  • George Shafiek
  • Dario Messina
  • Joe Gojcaj

New Executive Partnership: Micah Focken and Roger Rau

Photos from the event can be found here

Thank you to everyone who came out and made this such a memorable evening!!

Hart of Christmas Update

Thank you to everyone who submitted families for our Hart of Christmas!!  We are in the process of reviewing the families and will be contacting those we choose shortly.


Hart Attackz

Hart of Christmas

We are looking for a couple of families to sponsor for Christmas!!  Do you know a family who is going through a hard time right now?  Please tell us about the family and why you feel they should be sponsored by the Hart agency for Christmas!

All submissions are due by December 1st.  The agency will vote on the submissions to pick who they want to sponsor for Christmas!


March Madness Update!!

Heading into the last 2 weeks of the competition!  Most of the brackets are going head to head for the next 2 weeks to see who wins!  The GA bracket is the only exception to that!  Good luck everyone!

NIT Bracket:

Stephanie Willis vs. Sean Sparkman

NCAA Bracket:

Bethany White vs. Joe Gojcaj

SA Bracket (3 way):

Lynn Jenkins vs. Brandon Crosby vs. Martuan Sample

GA Bracket:

Jason Green vs. Deonte Jones vs. AK

Brenda Fox vs. Roger Rau

MGA Bracket (3way):

Mark Dushaj vs. DeAnthony Hartman vs. Tom Weller

March Madness update!

Only 3 more weeks til it’s all over!  The matchups for this week are:


Tyler Farley vs. Stephanie Willis

Joe Gojcaj vs. Sean Sparkman



Becca Underwood vs. Bethany White

Joe Gojcaj vs. Dale Canterbury



AK vs. Lynn Jenkins

Brandon Crosby vs. Lenny Ligotti

Barney Browner vs. Martuan Sample



Brenton Patterson vs. Jason Green

Deonte Jones vs. AK

Brenda Fox vs. Dylan Johnson

Roger Rau vs. Aaron Dupras



Mark Dushaj vs. Darcy Schrieber

Mike Stuver vs. DeAnthony Hartman

Tom Weller vs. David Hefflin