Hart of Christmas

We are looking for a couple of families to sponsor for Christmas!!  Do you know a family who is going through a hard time right now?  Please tell us about the family and why you feel they should be sponsored by the Hart agency for Christmas!

All submissions are due by December 1st.  The agency will vote on the submissions to pick who they want to sponsor for Christmas!


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  1. My brother has helped everyone in the family. At this point he is in need of help himself he was trying to get his house in order and in the process of getting the roof fix the house caught on fire so now they’re living in the house they just now got the lights on but they have no furnace so they’re trying to get the furnace done before it gets too cold but I really think he needs a lot of help.

  2. Hello how are u my name Legina Thomas I’m from Michigan and I have a 12 yr old son and 3 yr old daughter they are my everything I currently in the process of begin relocated to a new place and I will not have the funds to give my babies a great Christmas or thanksgiving I do work but I’m a single mother and I have so much on my plate with bills and buying food and maintaining a safe environment for my family.. I’m goin through at tough time right now I’m fighting the state of Michigan to get my daughter home before Christmas I’ve lost faith but I’m not going to give up I’m push hard and keep my head up and keep my faith in God… If you could help me give my kids a great Christmas I will be very grateful and blessed

  3. Hello my name is Kristen I’m a single mother and a single grandparent of 2, my granddaughter is 4 and her name is Ameerah, my grandson is four months and his name is Hakeem. I’m taking care of the 2 cause my daughter is incarcerated for a year at the macomb county jail. I’m a waitress and we are just making ends meet. It’s gonna be a hard Christmas this year cause my daughter won’t be with us. I just want these kids to have a great Christmas this year. Thank you for taking the time to read this

  4. HEllo my name is Sonia I am a mother of 9 .i loss my daughter last year and she was just 9 years old due to tonsils removal two weeks before Xmas 4 days before her sister bday and 8 days before her sister over her so last year I could never it give them a Xmas only a funeral for there sister this year have been so hard for me my mind is all over the place I have tried working but only enough to keep up with the bills temps service here and there I’m expecting again so I can’t work to hard but I would really love for my children to smile this year they deserve it I am trying my best but it’s like the closer it gets to my daughter death date I’m lost trying to find myself for my babies

  5. Stephanie this is where I want to focus some of our attention…I’m not sure how to get it on the list so if you can add it please do…I also can get you a speaker if you want more information regarding the kids. These kids don’t have families or foster homes to go back too and I can’t think of any more needy kids at Christmas than them! I know the Zach Hart family CAN!

    Holy cross children services is a 501 C3 nonprofit whose mission is to bring hope, promote change and help children live free, healthy and productive lives. Holy cross children services have been providing education, assessment, foster care, independent living, and residential services for over 65 years. The Saint Vincent home in Saginaw provides residential behavioral stabilization group treatment for youth 12 to 17 years of age.
    The St. Vincent home also offers an Assessment Center for 30 to 90 days for ages 6 to 12. All youth at the St. Vincent home of Holy Cross have experienced abuse and neglect. The vision of holy cross is to live in a world free of abuse, neglect, trauma and addiction.

    Can you use your magic BabyGirl and get these kids some Christmas? Love ya Always!

    Just recieved this txt

  6. Look up Cure 4 Carrie. Carrie was a Mom of 5. Found out she had brain cancer then soon ater found out she was pregnant. Sadly she lost her battle and died. She refused chemo to try to save the baby’s life. They kept Carrie alive for many weeks to get her to a point when it was safe to deliver the baby. Baby Life lived for a short time. Her husband and kids are having a hard time dealing with this loss. This will be the first Christmas without Carrie. There story has been on the national news channels too.

  7. Am a single mom of a have one daughter still at home with me. I don’t work do to my feet an neck . An don’t have an car . Husband left us 4yrs ago an hasn’t been around since.

  8. My family in need would be my girlfriend her son and mom. Her name is Ebony Harris her son name is Marquis Harris and her mom name is Angela Hereford. She’s a very good mother and she works a fast food job but barely can afford anything. She just wants to be able to give her mom and son a very good Christmas. They had it rough after her mom lost her house. They stayed in a shelter and recently received an apartment last year April. She’s a very smart sweet girl and so is her mom and son. She only makes enough to buy household items and pay her dte bill. And her son few things from time to time. Her mom is currently living with her and helping her by watching her grandson while Ebony works. Her mom Angela can’t work due to a tumor in her head. Doctors are still running tests to confirm the tumor. They don’t have much but they still been holding on. I too am staying with them and currently in college and trying to find a job. I recommended them three because I want to try to make their Christmas special. I don’t have much but they are my biggest supporters and blessings. They deserve something for the little they can do. Even though she doesn’t know I’m writing this. Ebony her mom and son have been having a rough time for two years. Ebony recently got her first job ever in April. They could use something to cheer them up and put them in a Christmas spirit. I borrowed money from a friend of mine so I’ll at least will be able to us a Christmas tree and Lights from our local dollar store. They need this more than anyone I know. Marquis talks about Christmas all the time and he’s never really had one in his 3 years because they can’t really afford it. So when I seen this I had to recommend the Harris family. It would mean a lot to them to be blessed by someone. They don’t have much family and they are stuck in tough times. I just wanted to be a good friend and try to write the agency about them. I’m not worried about myself because the Joy will come from seeing them at least be able to enjoy one Christmas. I don’t know how much time she has left to be able to stay in the apartment rent free from the shelter but hopefully she won’t have to spend Christmas walking the street with her mom son and me. Even if it’s not much please help them three. I’ll be fine.

  9. I first would love to send my appreciation of what you do for families. Even if I don’t get picked my heart is full of love and joy for those you do sponsor. I am a single mother of 9 children. I am low income at the moment and have been seeking assistance so may children can have a blessed Christmas. Christmas is the season of giving and I teach my children about Christ. Although they understand I believe every child should be blessed with an gift of love. I am unable to do anything for my children. I would love to see joyus smiles on their faces. I teach them to have Faith. I understand God blesses yet he uses ppl to be the blessor. I pray my family is picked.

  10. I would like to nominate my best friend Michelle Gladden- West. Three weeks after delivering my beautiful God daughter Michelle and her family were hit by the hurricane in Florida. They have lost everything. Michelle suffers from epilepsy and has returned home to unlivable conditions for herself and three daughters. Due to the stress of everything and just having a baby Michelle had a seizure while holding the baby… Thank God the fall did not harm the baby but the what ifs definitely haunt my dear friend. She is such a hard working woman and I hate that I am not in a position myself to help her as I have a new baby too. Her wedding anniversary is 12/13 and Christmas right after so I would love if her family was chose to have one positive experience before the completion of this year. She would never ask for help… So I am asking for her.

  11. I’m Raina Garrett i have 2 children that i would like to have a Christmas..times are hard and I’m not able to give them Christmas..i have lupus and a few other illnesses that keeps me from working full time so I’m not able to make things happen..they are goid kids and appreciate things that are given to them..my daughter ask for a radio/cd player a out fit..the son ask for a pair of roller skates and a Sega Genesis game..

  12. I am a single mother of three handsome boys and a baby unknown sex on the way we are in a tough spot in life right now and i dont see us having a very good christmas this year which with being a momma hurts my heart

  13. My daughter has a 4 year old n is due in April she’s only 20 years old. She just left her husband this past sat . We would love some Xmas help. she’s not working due to high risk pregnancy.

  14. I am submitting myself and my sons for sponsorship. I fell on hard times recently causing us to move out of our home and stay with a friend. Juggling baby sitters to be able to work and making enough just to get by. This is more for my children than me.

  15. hi my name is lydia and im asking my family recive some help this christmas me and my 8 children are currently homeless and recently come back to michigan after being in texas trying to keep my family together after there father was deported to mexico and in the prosses i become very sick and am unable to work due to my sickness so apart from being homeless and sick i am also not even abel to give my children anything this christmas please help me let my children have a happy christmas after everything they have been through . thank you so much

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