MGA- Josh Crisp

Josh was one of four brothers who had a vision and a dream at a very young age to actually LIVE the life that most people dream about.  When he was growing up he was never the kid who would have been voted Most Likely to be Successful but he never forgot his dream of owning his own business and spent his life doing more for others with the goal of one day achieving his dream.

Josh started at AIL in 2011 and found his purpose in life. He was mentored by Mat Hart, who took him under his wing because of the belief he had in him. In just two short months he was promoted to an entry level leader where he began to build his own dynasty. In 2014 Josh moved to Michigan to begin working with Mat’s brother Zach who would lead, guide and mentor him.  

In the last 3 years, Josh has lived in 4 different states that allowed him to advance his career and find a home within the Zach Hart Agency. It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows but he was able to overcome any trials and tribulations life threw at him and excel at a very high level.   Josh was even more driven and committed now that he could see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

On top of being ranked internationally as a top mid level executive in the company, Josh found a place to call home and a family to lean on. At 26 years old he has proven himself a success that we want to duplicate and so was promoted to one of Zach Hart’s Senior Executives. When most people feel like giving up he found a way to succeed. The journey life took him on has not only allowed him to advance in the company but lead, mentor, and guide other individuals to follow in his foot steps. Josh was able to overcome all obstacles thrown his way and his troubled youth through the support systems at the Zach Hart Agency. He now currently resides in Troy with the hopes of one day becoming a partner of the Zach Hart Agency. “Always believe in yourself because your biggest competitor is you”